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Accompanying you personally with full dedication and motivation with a wide range of specialized legal services tailored to your needs.

The Firm

The name Lawyalty combines who we are and what we do.
Lawyalty combines the law - which is the essence of our profession - with our way of thinking, which is to provide practical legal solutions, create synergy and develop a deep understanding of each client’s needs. We’ll personally guide you in your business dealings with a focus on dedication, creating trust and building a long-lasting partnership.

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As a result of the type of client that the firm attracts and the nature of the transactions and litigation that we advise on, our capacity to w ork as a team employing a business and solution -orientated approach is fundamental.

To this end we pay special attention to the case - by -case creation of legal teams by lawyers specially qualified in the relevant area whom interact and coordinate with our clients and their relevant advisors.

International Outreach

One aspect of Lawyalty’s services that sets us apart is our ability to assist clients even when other jurisdictions, cultures, languages and countries are involved.

Our origins complemented by our educational and professional experience which we have also developed abroad, the knowledge of foreign languages, alongside our cultural and professional curiosity towards legal solutions and innovative commercial cross border transactions, contribute to affirm Lawyalty’s position and expertise in the area of international legal consultation.

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