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International Outreach

One aspect of Lawyalty’s services that sets us apart is our ability to assist clients even when other jurisdictions, cultures, languages and countries are involved.

Our origins complemented by our educational and professional experience which we have also developed abroad, the knowledge of foreign languages, alongside our cultural and professional curiosity towards legal solutions and innovative commercial cross border transactions, contribute to affirm Lawyalty’s position and expertise in the area of international legal consultation.

To guide and assist our Italian clients in their business and litigation abroad, we employ an international network of trusted professionals – “key partners” –– who are highly qualified in their respective areas of expertise. We work closely with these partners utilising a shared approach for advising clients in all areas of our Italian client’s overseas business.

To welcome and assist our foreign clients with interests in Italy, we count on our team of advisors and foreign lawyers qualified to practise in their jurisdiction of origin and in Italy.

Lawyalty lawyers have a breadth of international expertise acquired over the years in specific areas by through assisting clients in Spain, France, the United States of America, United Kingdom, Latin America and China.

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