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Spanish Desk

Spain and Italy share many ties. Not only are the two countries linked geographically and culturally, but they also present key markets of economic importance at a similar commercial and investment level.

With this in mind, we created our Spanish Desk to better assist Spain-based clients without having to worry about linguistic or cultural barriers. The Spanish Desk is led by our partner Belén Díaz Gutiérrez (“Abogado” del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid” since 1999, based in Italy since 2002).

Belén, together with the Lawyalty team and in collaboration of a select network of Spanish legal professionals – our “key partners” – assists and guides our Spanish clients as they navigate the Italian legal system. She also accompanies our Italian clients during their business and litigation in Spain.

Having gained extensive commercial and contentious transactions experience in both Spain and Italy, Belén is able to offer advice also on Spanish law, assisting clients in their mother language and aiding them in understanding of relevant legal concepts (Spanish and Italian).

The legal assistance provided by the Spanish Desk covers the areas of law in which the firm specialises as well as the economic sectors where Spanish or Italian investment is most focused, including fashion, retail, real estate, tourism, food, energy and industrial machinery.

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Belén Díaz

Belén Díaz

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French Desk

Working in close contact with our clients and their advisors in the resolution of Italo-French legal cases has provide us with an understanding of the economic ties between France and Italy. Whether at a commercial or industrial level, we help clients understand the similarities and differences between the two countries, not only in culture but also in law.

This together with knowledge of the French language and the partnerships established with French professionals, both legal and financial, were some of the decisive elements for confirming Lawyalty as a point of reference in an Italo-French setting

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Gad Matalon

Gad Matalon


International Country Focus

Icon Estados Unidos

The Us and Common Law Countries

For many of our clients, the United States market represents the primary point of reference (outside of the European Union) for export, operations, investment and/or business development when it comes to competitiveness and international visibility. For these reasons, for years our lawyers have accompanied their clients in entrepreneurial projects in the United States (and common law countries in general). This is thanks to trusted relationships and collaboration – both at the educational and professional levels – with American law firms.

This combined with our lawyers’ knowledge of English and our consultations over the years with a multitude of American companies during their investments in Italy, has bettered the Italo-US legal scene, which covers various sectors, including real estate, pharmaceuticals, technology and fashion.

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During the last few years, our lawyers have had the opportunity to further strengthen their professional experience in an international environment by assisting and accompanying entrepreneurs, investors and Italian companies in their business in Latin America, with a focus on the Mercosur countries.

To this end, Lawyalty works with qualified experts, operators and local professionals to assist our clients in person in Latin America and/or to welcome and assist them in Italy. On a case-by-case basis, we are also able to cater to their needs in their mother tongue, be it Spanish or Portuguese.

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During the last few years, Lawyalty has been involved in relevant Chinese outbound investment projects in Italy providing a wide range of legal advice, including corporate and commercial transactions, commercial disputes, employment law and immigration.

This was possible thanks to the trusted relationships and collaboration with Chinese law firms and business advisors and their understanding of Chinese legal system, culture and language

Our Firm, represented by the partner Gad Matalon, is member of the association “China Collaborative Group - CCG”, formed on 18 November 2018 to provided legal services for China Inbound and Outbound cross-border investment deals.