The Team

Areas of Expertise

Family and juvenile law in civil and criminal matters. Criminal law.

Professional Experience

Roberta has a specific and consolidated expertise in the field of family law.

After 10 years of professional experience as Honorary Vice Prosecuting Attorney (“Vice Procuratore Onorario”) at the Court of Milan in the specialized Sections for crimes against persons and families and collaborating with leading law firms in the sector, she decided to devote herself, with a specialized and multidisciplinary approach, to the civil and criminal law areas of Family and Juvenile Law.

She is legal consultant of the “Casa delle donne maltrattate di Milano (CADMI)”, the first Anti-Violence Centre in Milan established in 1986.

She is a Family Mediator trained in the ESBI model by Dr. Isabella Buzzi.

Roberta, as FM, in the family mediation paths to which couples in relational crisis have access, supports, and helps the parties in conflict to reopen effective channels of communication and to develop parental projects that take into account individual needs and common interests.

Through mediation, the couple transforms a dysfunctional conflict into a constructive one.

Areas of expertise

Civil Law:

  • Separations in case of marriage and civil unions: consensual separation proceedings, judicial separation proceedings, shared custody, alternating custody, exclusive and super-exclusive custody.
  • Divorce: termination of civil effects and dissolution of marriage, proceedings on joint application, judicial proceedings.
  • Judgments to modify the conditions of separation or divorce.
  • Agreements between spouses and cohabitation contracts.
  • Assisted negotiation agreements, cohabitation contracts.
  • Assistance in psychodiagnostics counselling and psychodiagnostic technical reports on minors.
  • Advice on PAS – parental alienation syndrome.

Juvenile Law:

  • Proceedings before the Juvenile Court: family relations law, parental responsibility, termination and suspension of parental responsibility.

Criminal Law:

  • Ordinary criminal proceedings.
  • Criminal proceedings before the Juvenile Court in which the minor is a victim or perpetrator.
  • Intra-familial crimes: domestic violence, ill-treatment, stalking and child abuse.

1998: Law degree at the State University of Milan.

Two-year Master’s Degree in Family Law.

Two-year Master’s Degree in Family Mediation at the Studio TDL of Dr. Isabella Buzzi in Milan.

Family Mediator, professional member of AIMEF and parental coordinator.

Bar Associations / Organizations

BAR of Milan since 2005


Italian, English